Organic Rice Sugar
a healthy sweetener to tame your sugar level & cholesterol

Brown Rice Syrup is the most common form of organic brown rice sugar that is used as an ideal alternative to normal sugar. It keeps the blood sugar level in control without depriving your sweet tooth. The production of brown rice syrup involves steeping brown rice with an exclusive enzyme preparation. This method results in converting broken brown rice or whole grains into a sweet liquid extract which is pleasantly sweet and smooth-flavoured. The organic rice sugar in the form of Brown Rice Syrup is quite healthy. It has a delicate sweetness and a buttery flavour. This makes it one of the favoured choices for baking and desserts.

The commercial manufacture of brown rice involves cooking the flour of brown rice with dried barley malt. The enzymes present in barley malt turns the starch of brown rice into sugar. The resulting liquid is strained off and the rest of the stuff is cooked till the desired consistency is achieved. The primary constituents of brown rice are starch and sugar. It is the specific preparation method on which the nutritional content of brown rice syrup depends. A single serving of the syrup bears around 110 calories. While 106 calories are provided by the carbohydrates, the rest of 4 calories are provided by protein. The best part of Brown rice syrup is, it does not contain any kind of fat or cholesterol.

The benefits of brown rice syrup nutrition lay hidden in its primary ingredient, brown rice. Brown rice which is just like white rice with the bran kept intact, is a great source of fibre and much better than low fiber- high sugar meal. The bran not only contains fibre, it is also a great source of nutrients like manganese, magnesium and zinc. On the ground of taste buds preferences also this non-polished rice is much better with fabulous nutty flavour and chewy texture. The brown rice syrup substitutes contain all the healthy advantages of organic brown rice and Brown Rice Syrups is one of them that come with lots of health benefits.

Brown Rice Syrups are rich in protein concentrates. A serving of the Brown Rice Syrups contain around 45% maltose, 3% glucose and 50% soluble complex carbohydrates. A remarkable factor is that the glucose present in these syrups gets absorbed into our system easily providing lesser chance of fat accumulation. The regular simple sugars are monosaccharides and disaccharides, on the other hand Brown Rice Syrups are polysaccharides which are complex sugars and have the ability to dissolve into the blood stream faster. The added advantage is, having complex carbohydrates components and maltose, it takes longer time to get digested, therefore, the energy flow is maintained for a longer time period.

This nutritive sweetener is approximately half as sweet as sugar and testy alternative to common sugar for them who want to keep their sugar intake within grip. Brown rice syrup substitute can be taken in various ways; you can pour the syrup over ice cream or pancakes, bake with it or even use it in your morning tea. Brown Rice Syrup not only aids in controlling the blood-sugar levels; it also leaves a healthy impact on your cholesterol levels.